Clinic Software small & affordable.

A high-tech solution for third world clinics! Under the patronage of LDI, the non-profit mission of the is to provide affordable technology to clinics that are serving those who need, or are at risk of needing, prosthetics or orthotics/braces.

Helping you focus on the patient

Record vital patient information

Keep track of appointments, schedules, inventory levels, costs, paperwork, and more. With digital ordering, the system seamlessly connects clinician, cashier, dispensary and inventory, and management in real time.

Easy to use and stay organized

The system is browser and tablet friendly. Information can be accessed via WiFi and individualised employee account access provides need-to-know access to different departments.

Designed for Global Clinics

Weighing less than three pounds our miniature "black boxes" can be shipped in a small package for rapid deployment or replacement.


The system runs on Windows Pro 10 and is tuned for increased speed in a multi-user environment.

Easy Integration

Multi-lingual suport, and customizable libraries, allow you to setup the system according to your local environment.

Some of the many features available

The system is designed to meet the needs of busy clinics in budget-constrained communities.

Order System

The clinician/CPO can set the case type and then the system filters through and displays only the appropriate items from inventory. With tablet optimized buttons ordering can be done in just moments. Workflow is simplified and tracking of the order status is super easy in the dashboard.

OCR Integration

Cutting through the the challenges of combining Asian and Roman scripts, the system lets you scan records and then the special engine processes the documents for approval and auto-filing into the customer's digital records. It all happens with amazing automation and simplicity.

Diagnosis & Case Library

Easily select existing case types or add your own. With a powerful back-end management system you can add symptoms, lab tests, radiology, and treatment options.

Visual Appointment Booking

From casting to device delivery, ProstheSYS allows you to track and prepare for pending appointments. Each employees available days, hours and case load are are visible on the color coded calendar screen.

Clinician and Team KPI

Set the ideal time it takes for each step of device assembly and then track individual and team progress. Customizable reports provide detailed information delivery times and which teams are hitting the targets. Need to adjust targets for an employee on leave or a public holiday? We have you covered!

Auto Update

Whether you are in an air-conditioned clinic in Bangkok or a rural village in Bangladesh, you can get the latest patches and upgrades just by clicking the update button. The system downloads and intalls behind the scene for super easy administration!

What can you do?  Contact us and let us know if you want to be a volunteer coder, give a donation, or get a box for your clinic.

Some Of the Additional Features

COVID-19 Ready
Pre-check all patients as they come into your clinic to keep your CPOs or staff healthy? The case manager shows the questionaire status of each patient: green, orange or red!

Local Data Storage

SQL database drive with AJAX and JQUERY integration.

View All Types History data.

Need to track excessive inventory usage? Want to see a breakdown of orders by vendor for last June? Need a count of KAFO closes that were delivered last month, or a print-out of castings scheduled for tomorrow? Instant access to help you run your clinic better.

Increased Efficiency

Create consistent, organized data for patient records and inventory management.

Track Appointments with Ease

Integrate records across departments,
such as prescriptions and radiology images.

Running a clinic but need a solid digital solution? ProstheSYS by is worth your consideration.

Write to learn more or to get involved. is a not-for-profit endeavor. Partners are needed for software coding, donations, and on-site trials. If you would like to get involved, contact us through the form below.

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